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Constructive Self-Help Book from New Orleans, Louisiana

Book Cover - Self-Help Book

This ts the introductory book in a series of humorous but pragmatic self-help books designed to aid in better decision making techniques.  These guidelines can help individuals from the totally distracted to those simply wishing to expand and improve their lives.  The books present specific formulas covering the entire range of life issues, which are called the "Twelve Life Goals," addressing all aspects of a fulfilled life.

Alves Entertainment of New Orleans, Louisiana, sells a paperback self-help book called GOOD LESSONS FROM A REALLY BAD EXAMPLE.

Full of Useful Information

Our book advises you on all areas of life, everything from finance and relationships to organization and health. GOOD LESSONS FROM A REALLY BAD EXAMPLE provides a guide to better decision making by presenting a life goals priority list the author created.


Book Cover - Self-Help Book

It concerns achieving optimum health for better reaching subsequent Life Goals.  Included are discussions of Physical and mental health, as well as ethical and moral health.

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